Mana Botanics connects you to the best Cannabinoid products available on the market. We do not manage payments directly on our site. Instead, we redirect you to our partner sites, where you can make your purchases securely. 

🛡️ Secure Payment with 3D Secure Protocol

Our partners use the 3D Secure protocol to ensure transaction security. This system adds an extra layer of security for online purchases, requiring additional authentication. 

💳 Available Payment Methods

Although we cannot list all the payment methods available with our partners, here is a non-exhaustive overview: 

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Maestro, Discover. 

VivaWallet: An online payment service offering enhanced security, including the protection of credit card data. 

Bank Transfers: Some partners accept bank transfers, but it is necessary to contact them directly for this option. 

Other Methods: Specific options may be available depending on the chosen partner. 

Note: PayPal is currently not accepted for transactions related to Cannabinoid products.

Mana Botanics is committed to providing you with a transparent and secure browsing and Cannabinoid product selection experience. We encourage you to check the specific payment options on the website of each partner during your purchases.