THCP: What Is This Highly Potent Cannabinoid?

THCP: What Is This Highly Potent Cannabinoid?

The cannabis industry is always growing, so it’s not difficult to miss less popular components. Usually, THC and CBD get a lot of time in the spotlight, but THCP is slowly creeping in. Its potential has garnered a lot of interest today. So what is THCP? We want to tell you all about it. 

What Is Tetrahydrocannabiphorol?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or simply THCP, is an organic cannabinoid. It’s a rare cannabinoid because it’s not present in large amounts. Usually, less than 1% of the cannabis plant consists of THCP. 

Given that the concentrations are too low for extraction from the cannabis plant, THCP is manufactured in a lab. To make it, THC or CBD is taken through quite a complex chemical process.

As often happens in the world of science, THCP was discovered by accident! In 2019, a team of Italian scientists from the Military Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute in Florence was analyzing a specific medicinal cannabis strain, FM2, to get more information on its properties. That’s how they stumbled upon THCP and CBDP as well. 

At a molecular level, THCP is very similar to delta-9 THC, which is the most well-known cannabinoid. However, THCP has a heptyl chain made up of seven carbon atoms while THC has a pentyl chain, which is only five carbon atoms. 

This is a big difference because the extra carbon atoms allow the THCP to bind with our CB1 receptors a lot more effectively. In other words, THCP is stronger than THC, so they offer different experiences. Speaking of which, let’s discuss the potential effects of THCP. 

The Potential of THCP and Its Reported Effects

The reported effects of THCP are essentially the same as the effects of THC. The difference is that THCP is more intense. So far, what’s known about THCP is based on the aforementioned Italian study from 2019, so further research is still required. However, enough is understood about this cannabinoid to say that it can help regulate functions like appetite, sleep, and even moods. 

THCP binds 33 times more effectively with CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system than THC. As mentioned earlier, this is due to the heptyl chain. Users who have tried THCP report psychedelic effects such as colors and sounds being amplified. This is usually what happens with THC as well. 

Additionally, people who have tested THCP report that it helps with stress relief, pain relief, relaxation, and appetite stimulation. It also provides a physical and mental buzz, more potent than the one caused by THC. THCP can also make people slower and even lead to a trance-like state. 

Overall, THCP has powerful properties. Those properties could be responsible for some of the healing powers and benefits of cannabis, which are difficult to explain by just considering THC. As such, THCP has great potential for pain relief, stress management, relaxation, insomnia treatment, and more. 

Precautions and Tips for Using THCP

When using THCP for whatever purpose, it’s important to keep a few tips and precautions in mind. For one, you need to consider your THC tolerance and take it seriously. THCP is much stronger, so avoiding adverse effects is all about managing your dosage well.

If you’re a cannabinoid beginner, start with the smallest possible THCP dose. Then, gradually increase it as needed for your purposes. Follow the manufacturer’s dosage guide carefully. Another important precaution to take is making sure you’re purchasing THCP from a high-quality, trustworthy source. 

When you’re in the market for THCP products, make sure the manufacturer does third-party testing. Also, read the product descriptions carefully and see what other customers are saying. It’s also important to choose your THCP strain carefully. Some strains are better for daytime use while others are more appropriate for nighttime. 

Remember, quality will be worth your money, so don’t choose the cheapest item. If you need to save money, find the best possible option within your budget, but don’t neglect quality. Make sure the manufacturer you choose uses good ingredients and proper extraction methods or chemical processes. 

The Final Word

THCP is a fascinating cannabinoid and while it’s new to the market, it’s already clear it has a lot to offer. It’s more potent than THC and it offers good benefits, which can help with a variety of issues. From lack of appetite and insomnia to pain relief and everything in between. 

More research is needed to learn more about the potential of this cannabinoid. Based on what’s already been discovered, it’s safe to say THCP will become a highly popular option in the following years. Keep an eye on this cannabis product as it evolves and you’ll be surprised by what the future brings for THCP.