Helped me get off prescription drugs for Anxiety and Pain

By tim | June 18, 2018 |

“I have taken the hemp/turmeric macadamia nut and vanilla oil for about 60 days. I took a half teaspoon twice day for about 30 days to help with anxiety and sleep and occasional pain associated with a past mastectomy that I’ve suffered from for almost 10 years. The results were present from the start in that I was able to get off prescribed drugs for anxiety and sleep aid and if used for post surgical pain I noticed almost immediate relief. I visited family recently in CA and shared it with my parents (ages 88 and 93) and sisters and brother. They all found almost immediate relief for various aches and pains. Their only complaint was that being in CA they have to pay shipping. I use less often now – more on an as needed basis and it always works. And it tastes great. Very impressed with the people st Mana as well. I work close by and can pick up my products at their Kona location. They are clearly honest and committed to creating the very best products from the very best locally and organically grown resources. Absolutely deserving of a ★★★★★ review.”

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