CBD topicals are used to provide localized relief and for skin conditions. They come in many forms from oils, to balms, to creams. They allow for targeted use of CBD. One of Mana’s top selling products is our topical Hemp Balm, formulated as a one stop product for all things relating to skin. From pain relief, to soothing dry skin, to calming a sunburn, to staving off wrinkles. We also have a whole body oil and a massage oil concentrate that allows for the addition of CBD to a beloved lotion or cream.

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CBD Topicals FAQ

What are CBD Topicals?

THC vs CBD Topicals: What’s the Difference

CBD Topical vs Oral Products

Common CBD Topical Benefits

Are CBD Topicals Effective?

How Long Until CBD Topicals Take Effect?

How Long Until CBD Topicals Take Effect?

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