Turmeric Hemp Latte

A soothing and nourishing holiday latte made with Mana Artisan Botanics™ Hawaiian Hemp Honey & Hemp Oil.


Yield: Two 12 oz servings
Contains 12 mg CBD per serving


1. Initial Preparation: Brew your tea of choice as instructed and set aside.

2. Gather Ingredients: Gather together all other ingredients, except for steeping tea, and put in the blender.

3. Blend: Remove tea bags when ready and pour hot tea into the blender. Blend all the ingredients together a good few minutes until everything is very well emulsified and there is a foamy topping at the surface of the mixture. (Vitamix is the recommended blender)

4. Pour: Gently pour your freshly made latte into mugs. Sip, enjoy, relax to your good health!

Chef Dana Marie

Chef Dana Marie has been personal cheffing in Hawaii, LA, The Bay Area, and Oregon for over 15 years. Self-taught and having trained with a variety of chefs, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a unique exposure to creative, locally sourced foods. Dana’s approach to food is simple, intuitive, inspirational and is a rustic display of gourmet, world fusion cuisine. Exhibiting a deep respect for our farmers, the earth and its bounty, Dana sources regional and organic ingredients through her love for vibrancy, health, balance, and upliftment. Chef Dana Marie is both warm and professional in a private home setting, creating not just food, but memorable, celebratory experiences.

Hawaiian Pineapple Honey Twist

A holiday cocktail with Mana Artisan Botanics™ Hawaiian Hemp Honey, Manele Spice Co. Rimmer & Kō Hana Kea Rum.


Yield: Three 12 oz servings
Contains 5-8 mg CBD per serving


1. Initial Preparation: Make the Mana Artisan Botanics™ Hawaiian Honey ice cubes one day ahead by first heating 2 cups of water to 120 degrees and blending with 1 tablespoon of Mana Artisan Botanics Hawaiian Hemp Honey. Pour the warm blend into an ice tray and freeze. You can use your Hawaiian Hemp Honey ice cubes to chill any of your favorite drinks!

Combine pineapple juice, water and lemon juice, mix well and cool in refrigerator for 2 hours.

Chill the tumblers in the freezer.

2. Make the Garnish: Dip each pineapple spear, dipped in Mana Artisan Botanics™ Hawaiian Hemp Honey blend, sprinkle with Manele Spice Company Ho’okupu Hawaiian salt blend. Slice local lemons and limes thinly for lemon & lime wheels.

3. Rim the Glasses: Blend ½ teaspoon Mana Artisan Botanics™ Hawaiian Hemp Honey with ½ teaspoon water and place on a small plate. Place 1 teaspoon of Manele Spice Company pineapple lemonade powder and ½ teaspoon of Ho’okupu Hawaiian salt blend on two separate plates. Create the rim for the tumblers by first dipping each chilled glass in the Hemp Honey blend, then in the pineapple lemonade powder, followed by another dip in the Hemp Honey blend, and finishing off the rim with a dip in the Ho’okupu Hawaiian salt blend to create a delicious sweet, sour and slightly salty flavor.

4. Pour, Garnish and Drink: Divide the pineapple juice blend among the tumblers, being careful to not disturb that cool rim you just made. Add a shot of Kō Hana Kea Rum, or keep it virgin if you prefer. Add a few Hemp Honey ice cubes. Squeeze a fresh lemon wedge right before serving for a more citrusy flavor—do your thing! Garnish with the pineapple spear and lemon lime wheels. Sip, imagine you are in Hawaii, repeat. 🌺

Chef Adam Tabura

Great Food Truck RaceAdam Tabura is an executive chef based in Hawaiʻi. Originally from the island of Lānaʻi, Chef Adam has been the executive chef for some of Hawaiʻi’s top resorts and restaurants, won the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race with Aloha Plate and most recently founded the Manele Spice Company featuring the familiar flavors of Hawaiʻi in Hawaiian Salt Blends. He is also a partner at the upcoming restaurant Axe and Arrow Gastropub located in Bremerton, Washington.

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