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Sunflower Seed Mock TunaA raw vegan approach to tuna salad, this recipe bursts with fresh, zesty flavor and a crisp crunch.
Creamy Vegan Cashew CheeseThis simple recipe allows you to skip the dairy but not the creamy flavor for a dairy-free creamy cheese made from cashews.
Hearty Granola with Macadamia NutsA simple, easy-to-make, granola recipe with nutrient-dense macadamia nuts that can be made gluten and dairy-free. Learn how to make it now!
Refreshing CBD Pineapple SmoothieOur CBD pineapple smoothie recipe is a perfect chilled beverage just in time for summer. Read to learn how to make it for yourself.
Seasonal Fresh Herb Pizza RecipeOur fresh herb pizza recipe is delicious and accomodating to people who have varying preferences for leafy greens. Read to learn the recipe!
Ahi or Tofu Poke AppetizerA simple and delicious recipe. Serve with greens, microgreens, rice, crackers, potato chips or any other garnish that you enjoy!
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